Myth: I’ve heard that BPA is present in plastic water bottles.

Fact: PET is BPA-Free

Welcome to Part 6 of our myth-busting series on PET packaging, where we dive into a critical concern related to plastic water bottles. It’s a question that often arises when discussing packaging safety: Does PET packaging contain BPA?

Myth: The myth suggests that BPA (bisphenol-A) is present in plastic water bottles, including those made of PET.

Fact: We can debunk this myth with certainty. PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) has never contained BPA, nor will it ever. BPA is typically found in polycarbonate plastics, not PET.

Fact 1: A Safe Choice for Beverages

Myth: Some may worry about the safety of PET water bottles, thinking they might leach BPA into the water. However, PET is the preferred choice for packaging water and other beverages precisely because of its safety and non-leaching properties.

Fact 2: BPA-Free Assurance

Myth: Concerns about BPA in water bottles often stem from confusion with other types of plastics. PET stands out as a BPA-free material, ensuring that your bottled water remains uncontaminated by this compound.

Fact 3: Non-Toxic and Trusted

Myth: There’s no need to fear the presence of harmful chemicals in PET packaging. It has a long-standing history of use in food and beverage packaging, backed by rigorous safety evaluations.

Conclusion: PET – A Safe and BPA-Free Choice

When it comes to packaging water and beverages, PET provides peace of mind. It’s free from BPA and offers a trusted, non-toxic solution for brands and consumers alike.

Choose PET for Safety and Peace of Mind:

If you’ve ever had concerns about BPA in plastic water bottles, rest assured that PET packaging ensures the purity and safety of your beverages. Reach out to us to explore how PET can be the ideal choice for your packaging needs.

Stay tuned for the next installment of our myth-busting series, where we’ll continue to unveil the remarkable qualities of PET packaging.